Medical Project Management

Bringing together a global community of Healthcare project practitioners.

Welcome to the International Institute of Medical Project Management that provides an international community of healthcare professionals that are focused on the practical application and processes supporting research, strategic initiative execution, operational improvements and technology enablement’s that are designed and delivered through controlled projects.

Medical project management covers both medical and health environments and brings a more formalised project management approach to undertake research, design and deliver products and processes, and manage events.  

Welcome to the International Institute of Medical Project Management

Dr Rodney Peyton OBE ⎪ IIMPM Chairperson

Our Chair – Dr Rodney Peyton OBE

Formed by healthcare project management experts across three countries, the International Institute of Medical Project Management provides a contextualisation to standard project management that is focused on improving healthcare practices that covers both health and medical endeavours.

Our practice-based education leads to internationally-recognised qualifications and certifications that help to recognise a practitioner’s level of project competence.

Our focus is on providing project resources to, and building competencies in, healthcare professionals and to enable credential-based recognition of their expertise.

Our CEO – Dr Ian Rouse

Welcome to the worldwide community of Project Managers working in healthcare organisations. The progress of this sector depends on its ability to innovate, execute ideas, leverage technology, and make the best use of resources and funding to gain the maximum benefits.

The International Institute of Medical Project Management aims to provide project information, tools, techniques and training to support the healthcare profession to enhance the success rate and outcomes of projects.

Specialised training at this Institute enables practitioners to be recognised with global certification and to gain internationally recognised qualifications in leadership and project management contextualized to the healthcare sector.

The Institute aims to bring together healthcare and project management practitioners as a community that can synthesise and share information and practices for the betterment of humankind.  We encourage practitioners worldwide to build their own knowledge and competencies in project management to better define their ideas, provide greater clarity to scope through adequate planning and to execute in the most streamlined way to achieve their results.

We believe that there are substantial opportunities associated with an International Institute of Medical Project Management that can be achieved through strong commitment from all users and providers. We strive for a global collaborative community for the common good.

Dr Ian Rouse ⎪ IIMPM CEO



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IIMPM Advisory Board

The IIMPM Advisory Board is our governance panel of globally recognised  healthcare and project management experts from three countries that provide oversight to our quality and offerings.

Dr Rodney Peyton OBE

United Kingdom

Dr Ian Rouse


Wale Elegbede

United States

Dr Todd Hutchison


International Medical Project Management Credentials

Medical Project Associate (MPA)

The Medical Project Associate™ (MPA) certification is our base-line certification to recognise project team members as being knowledgeable in the Medical Project Management practices.

Medical Project Manager (MPM)

The Medical Project Manager™ (MPM) certification is our highest level certification to recognise project managers as being capable of leading Medical Project Management practices.

Medical Scrum Master (MSM)

The Medical Scrum Master™ (MSM) certification is our highest level certification to recognise scrum maasters as being capable of leading Agile Scrum Medical Project Management practices.

Diploma of Project Management (DipPM)

The Diploma of Project Management (DipPM) is an internationally-recognised qualification that confirms the graduate has acted in the project manager role and can apply this experience to a healthcare environment. The course material offered by the IIMPM is contextualised to the health or medical project fields.

Global Accredited Training Providers

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