What is Medical Project Management?

Medical project management
is the practice of structured planning and execution of project management methods to a healthcare environment. Healthcare in this context, relates to both medical, health and allied health environments.

The Institute supports both traditional and agile approaches to project management.

Medical project management in healthcare is not significantly different to other industries, rather the Institute simply supports the contextualisation of the training, workplace tools and approaches that includes embedding industry terminology, clinical care-based practices, patient privacy and legislative differences and the fact that we are dealing with practitioners all working for the betterment of public health and patients.

and people involved are dedicated to the healthcare industry and it is found that the contextualisation is certainly valuable, if not important.

Our certification simply recognises competencies in project management within the healthcare industry, allowing recognition to those practitioners who have experience in medical and health focused projects, or who aspire to.

Government funding into healthcare services is at an all time high. The need for funding grants to be appropriate and for ensuring the good use of public fund investment in the health industry warrants the adoption of sound project management practices.

The International Institute of Medical Project Management was formed in 2020 to bring together project managers, researchers and innovators in the healthcare field in order to build their expertise and share their knowledge. Simply everything we do is developed and delivered by healthcare practitioners.

Our view is that, together, we can work more productivity to improve health and well-being worldwide.