Advanced Healthcare Project Management

 Leading Toward a Global MPM Certification or a Government-approved Diploma Qualification

The Institute believes in practical and in-depth education that can lead to your professional recognition by either a Government-endorsed internationally-recognised qualification or globally-recognised MPM certification (or both).

This training is focused at creating  project manager competencies to plan and execute healthcare projects.

It broadly covers  scope, schedule, costing, team allocation, stakeholder, communications, procurement, risk management, issues management, change (variation) management and leadership skills.  It also provides exposure to differing healthcare project approaches, including Agile and Scrum practices.

Join us to get insights into the Medical Project Management (MPM) discipline that provides critical skills for the healthcare project manager, and get a physical 500+ page resource manual and an electronic toolbox of over 45+ workplace templates that can improve your workplace processes. This program is usually covered in a 5-day (35 hour) face-to-face program or an online equivalent.

This course is a prerequisite educational program for attaining the international level of Medical Project Manager (MPM) certification, which can be gained by completing the optional assessment and submitting the MPM certification application with the additional fee (US$177) payment.

The Course Content

It includes Learning Segments that comprise:

  1. About the Course
  2. Introduction to Medical Project Management
  3. Beyond Project Management Principles
  4. PM Standards and the 10 PM Knowledge Areas
  5. The Project Life Cycle
  6. The Project Categories
  7. Project Management Methodologies
  8. Project Team Roles and Responsibilities
  9. An Introduction to the Work Breakdown Structure
  10. Scope Management
  11. Schedule Management
  12. Cost Management
  13. Human Resource Management
  14. Quality Management
  15. Communication Management
  16. Stakeholder Management
  17. Procurement Management
  18. Risk Management
  19. Leading People
  20. The Basics of Body Language
  21. Behavioural Modelling
  22. Issues Management
  23. Change (Variation) Management
  24. Lessons Learnt Management
  25. Implementing Medical Project Management
  26. Medical Project Management Offices
  27. Agile Project Management
  28. Professional Recognition in Medical Project Management

It includes the following Additional Resources:

  • Short 30 question assessment
  • Certificate of Completion (once completed the education and questionnaire)
  • IIMPM Code of Ethics
  • MPM Implementation Industry Guide
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Glossary of Acronyms

It includes over 45 Microsoft® Word-based Templates (made available as downloadable templates) that you can use for personal use or for work use (although you cannot distribute them, make them available on a public online forum or on-sell them) that include:Initiation Phase

  1. Project Proposal template
  2. Work Breakdown Structure template

Planning Phase

  1. Minor Project Plan template
  2. Major Project Plan template
  3. Risk Management Plan template
  4. Quality Management Plan template
  5. Communications Management Plan template
  6. Quality Management Plan template
  7. Organisational Chart Tool template
  8. Human Resource Allocation Plan template
  9. Stakeholder Management Strategy template
  10. Procurement Strategy template
  11. Negotiation Strategy template
  12. Pre-Deliver Phase Checklist template

Execution Phase

  1. Work Breakdown Structure Tracker template
  2. Progress Status Report template
  3. Risk Register template
  4. Issues Register template
  5. Cost Tracker template
  6. Action Item Register template
  7. Change Variation) Request template
  8. Change (Variation) Register template
  9. Project Team Kick-off Meeting Agenda template
  10. Project Team Meeting Agenda template
  11. Project Team Meeting Minutes template
  12. Contractor Meeting Agenda template
  13. Contractor Meeting Minutes template
  14. Contractor Scope Instruction template
  15. Contractor Progress Status Report template
  16. Lessons Learnt Register template
  17. Responsibility Assignment Matrix template

Close-out Phase

  1. Close-Out Report template
  2. Close-Out Phase Checklist template
  3. Lessons Learnt Report template

Other Templates

  1. Career Professional Development Plan template
  2. DISC Behavioural Sampler Tool template
  3. Team Member Skills Matrix template
  4. PMO Analysis Checklist template
  5. MPM Methodology Analysis Checklist template
  6. Medical Project Manager Position Description template
  7. Document Review Request template
  8. Agile Backlog template